Core Allegro School of Ballet &  Contemporary Dance was founded in 2017 by Olga Roberts.  The school focuses on two critical aspects surrounding young dancers.  Learning proper dance technique through careful, knowledgeable teaching methods and proper body conditioning using advanced pilates training techniques.  It is only when young dancers incorporate both Ballet and Pilates advanced training techniques will they realize their true potential and drastically improve injury prevention.  Core Allegro School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance goal is to instill the love of dance in every student and to teach them how to protect themselves from the always present risk of injury throughout their dance training.  Each student will be encouraged to fully express themselves and to learn all the different dance styles we offer.  We realize each student progresses at their own pace and will never be pressured to do more than just try their best.  We know that all students have the potential to learn and benefit from the world of dance.  

Each of our Teachers was carefully chosen to become part of our faculty base on their love of dance, love of children, and those who have demonstrated creativity in their teaching styles.


Core Allegro School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance offers a full dance program coupled with our world-class Advanced Pilates for Dancers/Athletes conditioning classes using Pilates: Cadillac, Reformer, Ladder Barrel, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector, Magic Circles and other accessories coupled with specially designed mat work.  Core Allegro Pilates runs customized pilates sessions for dancers and athletes. We also provide movement education workshops and programs to improve the strength of young dancers and athletes. Our team of dance teachers aims to help prevent injury, improve movement technique, increase understanding of movement principles and prepare our dancers and athletes for the demands of their dance and athletic form.


We have dance students from the Kirov Academy of Ballet, Washington Ballet,  NOVA, Dance Icons, and others who practice regularly with us to maintain their conditioning.   We also work with Athletes from many disciplines such as: Figure Skating, Gymnastics, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, and Football who learn how to dramatically improve their athletic performance, increase their core strength and minimize injury by practicing Advanced Pilates at our school.  Advanced Pilates Training is incorporated in the daily routine by most of best dancers and top athletes in the world. 

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