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These classes are specially designed for children, pre-school, and teens from 2.5 years to 17 years old who have a passion and desire to learn ballet. The classes provide a welcoming and friendly learning environment, with individualized instruction and attention, which exposes you to the core fundamentals of ballet in a relaxed and comfortable class setting. Throughout these classes the student will learn the basic body positions, core ballet exercises such as plié and tendu, how to stand at the barre with appropriate body alignment and posture, an introduction to ballet terminology as well as ballet classroom etiquette. An emphasis on proper body alignment will be a key point of focus, in addition to hip rotation and postural placement

Ballet is the study of the highly disciplined and codified technique that is centuries old. It is the foundation for all dance forms. Students learn to align their bodies and face the challenge of balancing and coordinating arms and legs. They learn a vocabulary of steps that they put together and build on as they advance. Beginning students move into Primary classes and the graded UK syllabus for ballet classes. The grades do not correspond to school grades, but are levels of ballet. 



This technique class is designed to prepare dancers to go on pointe. Dancers will work on strengthening the entire foot and ankle as well perfecting the proper body placement that is essential for going on pointe. This is not a pointe class and pointe shoes are not needed. Students begin preparing the legs and feet for pointe work through a combination of pre-pointe appropriate physical therapy exercises and ballet technique. Students will work with therabands and other PT props to strengthen the appropriate muscles in the legs, feet, back and abdominals to prepare students anatomically for work on pointe. The class will help reduce injury and increase awareness of each dancer’s strengths and weaknesses. Students must take at least one year of pre-pointe before enrolling in a beginning pointe class. Students must be enrolled in a ballet class Grade I or higher and have two or more years of ballet experience. This class uses soft ballet slippers.



Pointe is the study of ballet while wearing blocked satin shoes that allow the dancer to raise the body onto the tips of the toes. Dancers must be at least 12+ years old with a few years of ballet training. They must get a note from a doctor stating that they that their feet are mature enough for pointe. They must also be currently studying ballet and have permission from their Teacher.

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