TRUST: No matter the goal of each client, they believe their teacher can guide them to it safely, effectively and mindfully. Whether it’s rehabbing an injury, recovering post-natally or advancement of their personal practice, session after session, their teacher always brings them one step closer to realizing their goals. Combined with the physical space of our pilates and ballet studio in Arlington, we can help.

This is, in my opinion, one of the most important qualities an exceptional teacher possesses. A compassionate teacher will be able to cater sessions to what her client needs and what they want. Being in tune with the what the client is physically capable of achieving, which may be different from one lesson to another, as well as how the client feels emotionally and mentally that day, is a trait of a highly skilled teacher. If a client comes in with a long and stressful day behind him or her, the teacher can focus on sequencing to relieve any accumulated tension. Conversely, if a student comes in with an abundance of energy, the teacher can harness it towards a more focused session. This natural intuitiveness can transform a lackluster lesson into an extraordinary one.

KNOWLEDGE: This goes along with the TRUST. Clients will intuitively know that the teacher’s education, training, background, and experience are worthy of their time and money. They will not come back if they do not receive a return on their investment- their bodies, their minds, and their overall well-being.

PROFESSIONALISM: Timeliness, ease of communication and dependability are all signs of a professional, no matter what the work context. However, there can exist levity and a personal relationship between a teacher and student in the Pilates world. After all, many hours are spent with one another in close quarters (hello — I’ve touched your feet 10 times already — Pilates inside joke!). However, the teacher must always guide the lesson back to the task at hand: Pilates. If the focus becomes more personal chit-chat than a workout, the client will eventually lose interest over time.

That one hour is usually all the client has to focus on themselves. Life these days is fast, stressful and hectic, with no real breaks, and a lot of expectations put upon an individual. From a stay-at-home mom feeling frazzled, to the harried executive to the mentally spent medical student, each needs to feel their bodies awaken from the slumber of the day. A very skilled teacher will have their clients feel exhilarated at the end of each lesson.

CUEING ARTIST: Everyone learns differently. That’s pretty much a fact. A successful Pilates teacher will, within a few sessions, know how to communicate directions in a way that a student can understand easily. Whether it’s picking the right verbiage, tactile cueing, to demonstrating the exercise, being able to explain the exercises clearly is paramount.