Looking For A Refined Pilates And Ballet Studio In Arlington That You Can Trust?

Core Allegro is your trusted movement gym and ballet studio located in Arlington, VA. We believe that strength comes from within, and that’s why we work with individuals like you to help harness and express your inner power and grace through the classes that we offer.

Owned and operated by Pilates master and ballet expert Olga Roberts, her signature approach to ballet, refined Pilates, barre and deep stretch offer a challenging yet refreshing take on building your core strength. Deep stretching and deep breathing helps result in great benefits such as stress reduction, increased circulation, and reduced pain. As scientific evidence supporting the benefits of barre workouts, ballet, and other forms of functional movement continues to increase, we’re proud to welcome newcomers into the doors of our ballet studio here in Arlington.

Take Your Next Step Toward A Ballet Body. Contact Our Ballet And Pilates Studio Today!

We’re proud to offer a unique and effective alternative to conventional gyms. Interested? To get started with our barre classes and more in Arlington or inquire about our new client specials, please get in touch with Core Allegro today!

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